Söderkulla en fredagkväll

Det var länge sedan jag skrev här. Jag har hur många bilder som helst från den senaste tiden att visa er.

Vi var hemma hos Linda en fredagkväll i januari. Hon har världens finast inredda lägenhet, tycker jag. Mat lagade vi och så spelade vi spel. Fin kväll.

It's been a while. Sorry for that. I've got loads of pictures to show you.

First out, a friday night in Januari when we visited Linda at her apartment. I love how she's furnished it - all the tiny details. We cooked food and played games. It was a lovely evening.

5 kommentarer:

  1. ah these photos are so lovely. <3 they're intimate and sweet and lovely. (: i'm glad to hear that you had such a fun night with your girlfriends!

  2. these pictures are lovely - so tranquil!
    how do you edit them?

  3. Sv; Tack så mycket hurru! Dina bilder inte så pjåkiga dom heller! Kalasfina!

  4. Your 9th and 10th picture have a dream-like element to them, they're very lovely! I admire how you're able to photograph people so well, this is a skill I'm working on myself.

  5. yeah show us all your photos !! i really like the earrings your friend is wearing!