På radion

Jag är tillbaka efter några helt underbara dagar i London. 

Men mest vill jag säga att jag tycker att ni ska lyssna på p3 Planet imorgon kl 18.03 (eller på webben när som efter det). Jag kommer att guida till Berlins bästa matställen någon gång under programtimmen. Peppt!

I'm back home again. Tomorrow, I'll do my debut on the Swedish radio, taking about places to eat in Berlin.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken fantastisk himmel!

  2. Tjohoo! DEN podcasten ska jag ladda ner, pronto! Hoppas du har det alldeles förträffligt!

  3. I love the golden light, amazing.

    When I was in stockholm I listened to mark levengood on radio, well I couldn't understand him but my friend translated and the story he told that day was about him meeting actress meryl streep, taking a photo with her, and then the next week receiving a letter from his credit card company, saying 'you can now get personalised credit cards with your own pictures'. and he thought, oh I'll send the one with meryl streep, so he did, and some weeks later got a reply letter which read something along the lines of: 'we could not process your application because we do not allow pictures of famous people. mark levengood is famous'.

    hahaha, oh and places to eat, I had the best thai and mexican food in berlin, but not much else, but if I go back, I shall be asking for a podcast of your talk on radio!


  4. wow that is amazing! good luck, lovely! xxx

  5. Men för bövelen Nyberg! Vad bra det var!!