Sista dagen

Sista dagen innan resan träffade jag Anja, nyss hemkommen från Norge, och Anna på coffee break i Lund, samt Cecilia-min-kära-reskamrat och Johanna på Kungsgatan i Malmö. Underbara fikadag!

My last day before leaving Sweden I met Anja, who only recently arrived back home from Norway, and Anna for coffee at coffee break in Lund. That same afternoon, I also met Cecilia (my travel partner in crime) and Johanna for more coffee and cookies at Kungsgatan in Malmö.

3 kommentarer:

  1. sounds like you had a wonderful day, love! <3 i love love love the photos from your previous posts, especially the one on the 17th! (: i haven't been getting feeds from some blogs on my dashboard and that's why i'm late at leaving comments! hehe, have a lovely weekend, sweetpea. xxx

  2. Åh, kartan där i bakgrunden...